Simbhaoli has de-risked its business model by achieving multiple revenue streams.

Bulk Sugars

Sugar is our core strength and dominant revenue earner.

A Product Range That Spans the Entire Sugar Value Chain
We have fully integrated our three sugar refineries with the distillery, co-generation and bio-compost units. Most of the sugar we produce confines to EU grade. The result is energy conservation, optimal utilization of by-products, cost savings and most importantly, a product portfolio that includes specialty sugars, potable liquor, ethanol, power and organic manure.    Read more

Specialty Sugars

The Trust range of speciality sugars includes white crystal sugar, table sugar, icing sugar, breakfast sugar, sugar cubes (white and brown), Demerara sugar, Turbinado sugar, Muscovado sugar, candy sugar, and pharmaceutical-grade sugar. All white sugars have an ICUMSA rating of less than 30 I.U.

Given our expertise in speciality sugars, our Trust brand has found acceptance across market segments - beverages, confectionary, Indian sweets, candy, pharmaceuticals and hospitality. Read more

Potable Spirits

We are strengthening our presence in the potable liquor market by building brands across category, quality and price points. Recently, we achieved a significant milestone by notching up sales of one and half million cases in a year.

Board Verdict Premium Whisky, Hunters Matured Rare XX Rum, Ice Blue Tango, Xing Vodka, Xing Ultra Pure Vodka, Trust Classic Brandy, White Rum, Knight Race Rum, Blue Magic Vodka, Seven Knights Whisky, XXX Rum. Read more

Instant Fruit Drink Mix

Trust Sipp is our first brand offering in the fast growing, instant natural fruit-drink mix market. Available in four flavours, Sipp is a 100% natural drink mix – without any preservatives or artificial colours.

Trust Sipp, the recently launched instant natural fruit-drink mix is available in four refreshing flavors - Tender Coconut, Orange Delight, Tangy Lemon and Alphonso Mango. Presentation includes an attractive 500g family pack and 12g/19g single-serve sachets.

Trust Sipp is a natural thirst quencher with the goodness of vitamin C, A, E and B. Just add water, stir and top up with ice for pure, wholesome refreshment, glass after glass. It does not contain any preservatives or artificial colours and flavours. Read more

Technology Consultancy

Integrated Casetech Consultants (P) Ltd.
Over the years, Simbhaoli has garnered rich experience in designing building and operating sugar plants. Add to this, our R&D capabilities, technical skills and team of seasoned technocrats and you have a competency bandwidth that's rarely found in one company.

To leverage these resources, Simbhaoli has established an associated company, Integrated Casetech Consultants (P) Ltd. - a technology vertical dedicated to providing 'concept-to-operating' consultancy to the sugar and related industry, the world over.   Read more

International Trading

Simbhaoli Global
We have an associate company named Simbhaoli Global Commodities DMCC with the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre Authority in the Free Trade Zone of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Simbhaoli Global leverages its historical links and partnership with sugar mills and key trading houses around the world. Its mandate includes export, import, trading and hedging in the Indian and international markets including cross border transactions.

Fuel Ethanol

We have three fuel-ethanol plants at Simbhaoli, Chilwaria and Brijnathpur. Our aggregate production capacity is 180 KLD, which makes us one of the largest ethanol players in the country. The distinguishing features of our molasses-based ethanol plants are automation, molecular de-hydration sieve technology, low cost production and full integration with the sugar unit.

Extra Neutral Alcohol (ENA)/Rectified Spirits

The three distilleries at Simbhaoli, Chilwaria and Brijnathpur have an aggregate capacity to produce 180 KLD of ENA or rectified spirit. Simbhaoli ENA is rated as one of the finest spirit bases for a range of premium spirits.

Clean Power

Bagasse, a by-product of the sugar manufacturing process is being used to generate power for captive consumption and export to the national grid. The Company's current aggregate power generation capacity stands at 64 MWH - of which, 34 MWH is surplus and free for export to state utilities. The biomass-based co-generation projects are in the process of being accredited by UNFCCC under the Clean Development Mechanism programme.   


The three bio-manure plants at Simbhaoli, Chilwaria and Brijnathpur have an aggregate production capacity of 44,000 MT per annum. The bio-manure is being marketed under the SOM brand name. The SOM range includes organic manure, neem plus, paddy special, bio-extract liquid organic manure, bio enzyme and phosphate rich organic manure.

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