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Agriculture Advisory

Working with over 100,000 farmers in rural Uttar Pradesh, our team has developed a deep knowledge of best practices in farm management, farm assessment and planning, soil health management, introduction of innovative and integrated farming models, market linkage services to modern food supply chains. Our advisory services have led to transformational impact for our farmers by helping them optimize yields, navigate disruptive agricultural trends, adopt the latest technology and crop varieties, be prepared for crop diseases and infestation, and proactively prepare for shifts in farming practices though our over 8 decades of expertise.

In order to maintain a robust crop and raw material supply from farms, our team of over 300 field officers and staff are also engaged in crop survey, harvest calendaring and procurement plansof the agricultural produce from farms.


With the emergence of more sustainable practices and technology-led innovations, we are integrating these into our agricultural practices and advisory services for the farmers. Some of the advanced cropping and irrigation technology that our farmers follow on the advice of our experts include drip irrigation which helps in optimising the use of water consumption, thus helping the environment and water table levels. To help increase productivity, specific farm varieties, for example, the Co0238 variety of plant have been adopted and propagated by our team.Currently we also maintain and manage a 2500 sapling nursery. The upper 33% part of the sugarcane is boiled and used for replantation as it is the best sapling for replantation.

We have been spreading awareness and educating farmers to prepare them in advance for this so that crop damages can be minimized. We remain in constant, dailytouchwith all the farmers in the region and send teams and digital updates to them regularly. Constant support is also maintained through awareness drives, pamphlets and digital technology-led communication channels.