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Simbhaoli India Foundation

The Company's community outreach programs have transformed the lives of over 1,30,000 village folks, for the better prospects of the people at large in the vicinity of Simbhaoli's Complexes. The Group not only contributes to the nation’s self-sufficiency in food, staples, FMCG, farm-fresh product, ethanol and power, but also shares its success with society at large.

Inspired by this opportunity to serve larger societal purposes, we articulated a Vision two decades ago to become a model corporate citizen. This vision is being translated on the ground by the Simbhaoli India Foundation, an institution specially established to implement programs in the field of education, healthcare, water, social welfare, infrastructure development and income generation for farmers and families in rural India.

At the initial stage, the Company and its employees, as important stakeholders, had contributed to set up the corpus fund. Additionally, SIF regularly partners with NGOs and Government departments to improve the quality and reach of its programs. Going forward, SIF will undertake a special focus on the girl child and her education, health, employment and upskilling.

Our commitment for development goes beyond the operating boundaries, as we continuously aim to add value to our society by advancing knowledge and improving lives of rural families. Sharing in the economic development of farmers and their families, Simbhaoli has provided a major impetus to the growth and development of the rural areas and have radically changed the way of life for lakhs of farmers and their families at Simbhaoli, Chilwaria and Brijnathpur.


Join hands with Simbhaoli India Foundation 

Contribution to SIF in cash, kind and ideas are welcomed. The funds will be utilized to the development areas to fulfil the objectives of SIF only.


The interested persons may please contact Ms Meenakshi Kesri Simbhaoli India Foundation


A-112, Sector-63, Noida-201307, India.

Tel: +91-120-480 666, Handset: +91-8744072321,

email id: [email protected]


Activities Undertaken by SIF and the Company in Recent Years:

As part of the Simbhaoli’s commitment to the families in its neighbouring areas, SIF and the Company have undertaken several programs across the fields of education, health, employment, training and up-skilling, in addition to farmer advisory and empowerment activities.

Through these programs, young children have been discovering the joy of schooling, and the teenagers have been achieving admission into good colleges and universities. The older men and women are regularly offered quality healthcare facilities at their doorstep as well as through organization of several health camps. In addition to conducting various health programmes, we also undertake regular afforestation programmes with  all our stakeholders such as contract labours, villagers and unit workers, so that the environment in our vicinity can remain healthy and strong.

Through active outreach, training and advisory activities of SIF and the Company, enterprising young farmers have been discovering new ideas for inter-cropping, multi cropping and drip irrigation, all new ways to boost their incomes. Large tracts of areas are being developed with clean, unclogged drains, reduced waterlogging, and concerted efforts for conservation of rainwater. The villagers have been learning the value of good hygiene and sanitation. Additionally, support for building of all-weather roads is provided, which in many cases helps end years of isolation for certain remote villages. Lastly, we ensure that we bring our rural communities and farmers and their families together to cherish and celebrate festivities such as Ganga Mela, Shiv Kanwar, and others.


Social investment initiatives of Simbhaoli is listed below:


1. Health, Water and Hygiene


(a). Free Medical Camp at Simbhaoli sugar complex (2016).

We organised a “Free Medical Camp” from Lokpriya Hospital Meerut, on 14th May 2016, at Simbhaoli Sandhanwalia Club Simbhaoli in presence of SDM Garh, Sr. Doctor & Staff (Lokpriya Hospital Meerut) &Unit Heads-SSD &BSD.


(b). COVID-19: Distribution of Liquid Sanitizers, Disinfectants and Face masks (2020) in Simbhaoli and Brijnathpur Villages.


Distribution to the cane growers, employees and staff members at unit Simbhaoli on 31.03.2020 in presence of SDM & CO Garh, Chairman & Sachiv Simbhaoli Cane Society and  Unit Heads-SSD & SDD with all Departmental Heads. & Distribution of Mask to the employees including contract labours for Safety from Covid-19.


(c). Installation of ETP (Effluent Treatment Plant) with Online real time monitoring system.

Decanter (capacity 100 cubic meter/day) for dewatering of sludge at ETP


(d).Sanitization work by contractual labours in 12 Villages (2020, Ongoing).


(e). 50 Blankets distributed to poor at Police Chauki Chilwaria by CO City Bahraich (2018).


(f). 600 Blankets distributed to poor persons in City and Rural areas (2019).


2. Environmental


(a). Tree Plantation Drive (2019) at Hapur.

Plantation (Podha Ropan) at unit Simbhaoli on 11.08.2019 in presence of DCO Hapur, SHO, Sachiv Simbhaoli Cane Society and Unit Head-SSD & all Departmental Heads.


3. Education


(a). Distribution of Copies, Writing & Painting kits to BPL children in 7 schools of Bahraich (2015).


(b). Educational kits & toys distribution to children in Primary Schools of Unnaisa & Chorwabag (2018).


4.Social, Cultural and Welfare Activities


(a). Organized Shiv Kanwar Camp (2019).

At Cooperative Cane Development Society Simbhaoli near Simbhaoli Police Station, we provided Langer (Food), Tea, Prasad, Snacks and Medical first Aid to 'Bhole’s”. Our volunteers were there for serving round the clock and among almost 2500 'Bhole"s enjoyed our service.


(b). Organized Ganga mela (2017).

At Brijghat near Ganga River Bridge, we are providing Sweet Water (PYAU), Tea, Parsad, Snacks and Medical first Aid to 'Shardhalu" Our volunteers are there for serving round the clock.


(b). Organised sports activities & awards given to participants in Chilwaria Bazar (2016).


(b). Food materials and kits distributed to over 500 people during COVID-19 lockdown period.