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Sunehra Jaggery is traditional gur, a sweetener without any chemicals. With goodness of calcium, iron and micro-nutrients, it also has a rich and deep satisfying taste. It also helps to boost resistance against infections and thus, helps in building stronger immunity.

At Trust, our Sunehra Jaggery (gur) offers you the best natural and traditional sweetener made from fine quality sugarcane juice. It is a rich source of iron, and has no sulphur contents and any preservatives. Switch to our jaggery to sweeten your cakes, desserts, and anything else and be safe from the toxins of white sugar. This is the perfect partner to maintain a healthy bowel, protect your lungs and get your body free of toxins. 


Available Packing for Sunehra Jaggery & Jaggery Powder

Sunehra Jaggery Powder isavailable in 500 gm packaging as well as 5 gm Sachets, while Sunehra Jaggery is available in 200 gm packing.


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