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Trust Classic

The House of Trust strives to create and foster a household embodiment of dependability and authentic quality for the new Indian consumer and retailer. The Trust Classic range of sugar is the result of a pure, untouched and rigorous production process equipped with the robust and state-of-the-art DIPIE technology. A process that has been perfected over the course of more than 87 years by the sugar mills of Simbhaoli with the support of a strong community of farmers. We combine these best practices with our rich traditional knowledge to bring you simple, sweet and wholesome ingredients, no matter where and how you shop. Our classic brands serve all your purposes of sweetening and also makes your life a little bit sweeter, available in different sizes that cater to different kinds of households and their needs. Whether it’s half a spoon for your coffee, a pinch for your meal or the soul for your desserts, Trust Classic is a kitchen regular you would love to keep.



This double refined white crystal sugar dissolves quickly and effortlessly into every recipe. Being free from sulphur makes it safe to consume without causing any respiratory health hazards. It is made in hygienic conditions & untouched by hands because “Purity is our Priority”.

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Trust Superfine Sugar is a free-flowing fine white sugar with little magic crystals that are small and perfectly formed. Now make your birthdays, kitty parties, festivals and in fact every morning delightful as this sugar is an ideal sweetener for cold beverages, cereals, juices, dairy desserts, bakery snacks, cakes, cookies, fruits and salad dressings. It dissolves quickly and effortlessly and each bite leaves you drooling in anticipation for the next one.

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Looking for a Healthy and Luxurious way to sweeten your cup of Tea or Coffee ? We’re here with our Trust Classic White Sugar Cubes to help you make a delicious cup of tea or coffee, and also a variety of drinks including cocktails! Its hygienic processing and non messy serving format makes it a unique sugar product which dissolves super quickly. Flavour the white sugar cubes for different occasions and wait for all the ooh’s and aah’s.

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Baking in home is now a tradition and we’re here to help u make it perfect for you and your loved ones. Trust icing sugar is perfect for preparing rich and smooth icings. It’s lump free and dissolves instantly that is ideal for preparing flawless desserts, pastries and cakes and even decorate them!  Make your home-baked products look delightfully rich with Trust Icing Sugar.

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This sparkling white diamond shaped crystal sugar is made from best quality sugarcane juice with its nutrients being intact. Along with being ideal for temple prasad and other religious or prayers-related needs, it also has numerous health benefits -- useful in cough, helps in soothing your throat and loosening the mucus, helps to improve memory, release mental fatigue, and improve vision.

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Make your life easier with Trust Classic Sugar Sachets which contain superfine sulphurless sugar that dissolves instantly with no aftertaste. It is suitable for all kinds of food and beverages and is 100% hygienic. It’s portion sugar is ideal for cafes/ offices/ airlines/ canteens and definitely a must while you’re travelling.

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