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Our agri-inputs brand, SOM, is built upon a key underlying philosophy to maintain and boost the health of our soil through organic, microbe-rich nutrients. The innovative range of SOM products are built using the rich expertise of the Company accumulated by working with over 1 lakh farmers over 8 decades. The SOM range has a wide variety of products that cater to the entire lifecycle of various crops, including Organic Bio-Manures, Bio-Compost, Plant Nutrients, Plant Growth Regulators and Herbicides. These products are the perfect option for small and large farmers, as well as farm producing organizations, plantations, as well as food processing organizations that are looking to boost their organic range of products. In addition to crop health, we also offer solutions for soil health with our range of Soil Conditioners and Organic Manures. The products are composed organically and serve as nutrients for farms, with no adverse impact on soil or plants. We use Neem as a primary ingredient in some of our variants, since it serves as a natural deterrent to several soil borne insects.



SOM Bio-Organic Manure is a nutrient-rich organic manure for plants. It contains aerobic microbial culture along with press mud which is rich in potassium, sodium, phosphorous and organic matters. Our SOM Bio-Organic Manure (or SOM “Khad”) can play a critical role in providing these essential ingredients for the heathy growth of the plants in your farm or kitchen garden. Organic manure contains various natural nutrients that will boost your plants’ growth.

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SOM NEEM PLUS is a nutrient-rich organic mixture with Neem Cake and serves as a dual purpose: One, as an organic manure and natural fertilizer, and two, as an effective product for pest management.

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