Brands Sugar


We are one of the India’s leading producers of high-quality sugar and operate some of the largest integrated sugar complexes in India. We produce and sell international standard refined, pharmaceutical-grade and specialty sugars to the retail and bulk institutional consumer segments.As India's one of the largest producer of specialty sugars, we offer 'a sugar for virtually every consumer need'.Quality Control, From The Farm To The Manufacturing Floor. We are fully compliant to world-class quality and manufacturing standards. Our quality control efforts extend from the farm to the state-of-the-art Quality Assessment Labs and our Manufacturing Units.Research or model farms near or at each of our units grow different cropvarieties noted for their quality and yield attributes. The crop varieties are then closely scrutinised for disease and pest resistance at the lab. Based on these findings, continuous feedback is provided to farmers, with whom we are in close contact at every stage of the crop cycle.


World-Class Technology, World-Class Sugars

Our Simbhaoli and Brijnathpur manufacturingcomplexes deploy cutting-edge Defeco Remelt Phosphotation and Ion Exchange (DRPIE) technology, thereby eliminating the use of sulphur and other harmful chemicals that were traditionally part of the manufacturing process.Since sugar refining is a continuous process, we conduct detailed analysis to measure the colour, sediment level, ash content, particle size distribution and bacteria levels in the sugar at each and every stage of manufacture. The aim is to produce100 percent purity, high colour integrity and nutritional content. Little wonder then, Simbhaoli sugar conforms to international quality standards with an ICUMSA of less than 45 I.U.Great care is taken to maintain international standards of hygiene and handling; and use high quality, food-grade packaging materials.


The World Has A Sweet Spot For Our Sugar

We are the first company in North India to export EC-II grade refined sugar to the European market for direct consumption. Our major customers in this segment span major FMCG companies, beverages brands, pharmaceutical companies, global commodity trading houses, food processors and some of the largest food companies in the world.