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Our Manufacturing and Packing Units

Simbhaoli manages three state-of-the-art manufacturing and packing facilities in the state of Uttar Pradesh.Our integrated manufacturing and packing units havea cane crushing capacity of 19500 Tonnes crushed per day (TCD), alcohol distillation capacity of 210 Kilo liters per day (KLD) as well as technology-driven manufacturing, packaging andbottling facilities for various FMCG products, Staple food products, Home & Personal Care products, and Agri-Inputs as well as Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) and Hand Sanitizers and Surface Disinfectants.

The group’s three sugar complexes located at Simbhaoli (an aggregate capacity of 9500 TCD), Chilwaria (an aggregate capacity of 6000 TCD), and Brijnathpur (an aggregate capacity of 4000 TCD), including a sugar refining capacity of 1200 tons per day (TPD) for raw sugar processing, interchangeable with cane crushing capacities while the sugarcane is not available during off-season.The three bio-manure plants at Simbhaoli, Chilwaria and Brijnathpur have an aggregate production capacity of 44,000 MT per annum.


The power co-generation units, located within the Simbhaoli and Chilwaria complexes, are capable to generate bio-mass based power aggregating 100 MWH for supplying the power for the captive consumption of the sugar plants and sale of surplus power to the UP-State grid under various power purchase agreements.


The distinguishing features of our Distillery Units is that they comprise of molasses-based ethanol plants that employ automation, molecular de-hydration sieve technology, low cost production and enjoy full integration with the sugar manufacturing units. Most of the sugar we produce confines to EU grade levels. The result is energy conservation, optimal utilization of by-products, cost savings and most importantly, a product portfolio that includes speciality sugars, potable liquor, ethanol, power and organic manure. Furthermore, the Company has taken effective steps for the increase in the production of Ethanol at all of its Distillery Units, a green fuel in line with the 10% Ethanol Blending Program of the Government of India.The Company has also initiated production of Trust Liquid Hand Sanitizers & Disinfectants to help the nation, and especially its rural districts, combat the COVID – 19 Pandemic.


Simbhaoli Complex:

Simbhaoli complex is the first and the oldest Manufacturing and Packing Unit of the Company situated at Simbhaoli, District Hapur, Western Uttar Pradesh. It has cane crushing capacity of 9,500 TCD at present and can produce refined sugar up to 850 TPD and raw sugar up to 200 TPD. The cogeneration plant of the Simbhaoli complex has operational capacity of 62 MW out of which 30 MW is captive consumption, and 32 MW capacity is surplus. The distillery division of the Simbhaoli Complex has capacity to produce alcohol/ethanol of 90 Kilo Liters per Day (KLD). The complex also produces bio manure.

Chilwaria Complex:

The Chilwaria complex, initially set up under a joint venture arrangements with Tate & Lyle Plc., was later merged with Simbhaoli Sugars Limited.At the time of acquisition, the installed capacity of the CSL’s plant was 3,800 TCD. SSL carried out expansions at the plant in 2006, and the plant now has the cane crushing capacity of 6000 Tonnes Crushed Per Day (TCD). The distillery division of the Chilwaria Complex has capacity to produce alcohol/ethanol of 60 Kilo Litres per Day (KLD). It has 38 MW of cogenerated power under the Simbhaoli Power Private Limited, in a joint venture arrangement a leading

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Brijnathpur Complex:

The Brijnathpur complex is a Greenfield plant established in 2006 with cane crushing capacity of 4,000 TCD. The capacity is slated to be expanded to 5000 TCD by 2014. The plant can manufacture refined sugar up to 400 TPD. The distillery division of the Simbhaoli Complex has capacity to produce alcohol/ethanol of 60 Kilo Liters per Day (KLD). The complex also produces bio manure.The Complex has the capacity to generate 8 MW which is being consumed internally by the sugar and Distillery plants.

Quality Control Certifications

Simbhaoli has got accredited ISO systems certifications namely, ISO 9001:2015 for adopting the international quality management system standard to improve customer orientation and overall quality system, ISO 14001:2015 for discharging the responsibility towards environmental issues as a responsible corporate citizen; and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point)-compliant, which signifies that the Company ensures highest product quality, so that all its customers get the best quality product made hygienically. The Company has also got certified as a star trading house for its export operations.