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As India has regrouped itself forone of the largest coordinated efforts of humankind in recent history against COVID-19, we decided to extend one of our competencies to contribute to the efforts of both India and the world.  Having been an integral and dependable part of your grocery cart over the years, we have now devoted our state-of-the-art distilleries and allied expertise to bring you Trust Hand Sanitizers &Multi-Surface Disinfectants. Meticulously adhering to the WHO recommended formula for the safety of people around the world, our affordable range of sanitizers and disinfectants deliver precisely what you need to feel safe & secure while stepping out to live the new normal and staying in, spending time with your family. With a high alcohol content and highly effective liquid form, ensuring supreme ease of use, Trust Hand Sanitizers and Multi-Surface Disinfectants are focused on providing you all that you need to protect you and your families. Available in all sizes & quantities according to your individual, family or institutional needs, our offerings are gentle on your hands and surface, but not on the germs