Potable Spirits

We are strengthening our presence in the potable liquor market by building brands across category, quality and price points. Recently, we achieved a significant milestone by notching up sales of one and half million cases in a year.

Xing-US, Xing-GA, SKW, Verdict, OT, B.Verdict, Xing-Lemon, Xing-Lemon (Old+ New), Club-10, IB Tango, Xing-Mango, IBT, Verdict Brandy, SKR, Hunter Rum, Carnival Rum, IB Duet, Hunter Premium Brandy, SK-Vodka, Hunter Whisky, IB Tango , SK Brandy and Hunter Brandy.


Board's Verdict Premium Whisky

  • Made from superior quality grain spirit & blended with aged scotch.
  • Its Unique blend has been created by world renowned master blender.
  • Produced under strict quality control of simbhaoli sugars.
  • Has a golden brown colour as in scotches & high-end brands.
  • Family shape patented glass bottles.
  • All three pack sizes of Board's Verdict Premium Whisky come in Guala caps.
  • Matt finish mono-carton.
  • First whisky label to have used graphics.


XING Ultra Smooth VODKA

  • Made from high quality neutral spirit from our sulphur free molasses sugar plant.
  • Triple-distilled to get the highest level of clarity and purity, supervised under strict quality parameters.
  • Unique packaging, an experience to our customers.
  • XING-ultra-smooth VODKA comes in family pack glass bottles.


XING Green Apple VODKA

  • Made with essence of green apple and superior quality neutral spirit.
  • First Green Apple vodka having tinge of Green apple in appearance as well.
  • Smoothness, clarity and purity of XING Green Apple VODKA is maintained through unique and unparallel "Simbhaoli Quality Standards"
  • XING Green Apple VODKA comes in family pack glass bottles.



  • Duet- A mix of gin and lime, Its refreshing tinge of lime makes the drinkers feel relax to any extent.
  • Tango- A mix of gin and orange, its beautiful balanced aroma of Orange imparts an unmatched relief to the drinkers.
  • Quality essences and a smooth taste make these gins truly earthy.
  • Offered in dry and in exciting lemon and orange flavours.
  • Unique frosted bottle.



  • An elegant whisky that is much smoother and extra pure.
  • A highly smooth blend with a unique distinctive aroma.
  • Produced with multi-distillation process.
  • Rich, golden blend with unique packaging.



  • The spirit is matured for years that gives a deep rich colour and perfect strength.
  • Made at our state- of- art distillery at Ghaziabad(UP)
  • Its Genuiness comes from its rich colour and smoothness.
  • Widely accepted.



  • A superior quality blend with a refined taste.
  • Highly distinctive on the nose, with floral and grapefruit notes, mild smoke and olives.
  • Distilled in copper stills for pure and smooth taste.
  • Our largest selling brand in India.




  • Made from matured spirit to give perfect smoothness.
  • A Superior quality blend with a delicate taste.
  • Dark, rich , amber color with a strong caramel flavour.


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